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Multivitamins may lower heart disease death risk

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19 July 2009

Long-term regular consumption of a multivitamin may reduce the risk of dying from heart disease according to a study from the US.

The researchers analyzed the 10-year use of multivitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E supplements on five-year total mortality, and death from cancer or cardiovascular disease (CVD). Data from 77,719 U.S. residents aged between 50 and 76 was obtained by a self-administered questionnaire (1). The data showed that the use of multivitamins and vitamin E were associated with 16 and 28% decreased risk of death from CVD. Multivitamins and vitamin E use were not associated with cancer mortality.

The study contradicts conclusions from a controversial meta-analysis published in 2007, which reported that supplements of vitamins A and E and beta-carotene may increase mortality risk by up to 16% (2). On the other hand, vitamin C did not have an effect on mortality.


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