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UK experts urge vitamin D supplementation for all children

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30 October 2013

A new report from the United Kingdom’s Chief Medical Officer makes a case for providing vitamin D to all children under the age of five.

In the report, Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies, stated that, according to experts, nearly 40% of children in the UK are vitamin D deficient (1). She wants to see every child included in the Healthy Start Vitamin Programme, which currently only offers vitamins AC, and D to impoverished children. In a case study of vitamin D supplementation in Birmingham, the city began providing vitamin D universally. Now, one in every five children takes supplements, which has reduced rickets cases by 50%.

Experts commented that the evidence is crystal clear and the opportunity is huge: investing in children is a certain way of improving the economic health of the nation as well as the children’s well-being. Giving every child the best start in life should be a priority for all decision makers in both central and local government. There is a duty to this generation of children, to the next generation and the generations to come.


  1. Davies S. C. Chief Medical Officer: Prevention pays – our children deserve better. United Kingdom Department of Health. 2013.

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