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What we would like to achieve and why

Welcome to NUTRI-FACTS, a high-quality information source about essential micronutrients for consumers, healthcare professionals and media representatives. NUTRI-FACTS offers scientifically substantiated facts and the latest news on vitamins, carotenoids and other micronutrients.

Nutritional experts and medical professionals all agree: an adequate supply of micronutrients to the body is essential to our health. A lack of micronutrients can contribute to the development of diseases. Requirements of micronutrients vary from one individual to another and depend largely on age, gender, physical condition and lifestyle, make it extremely difficult to establish “ideal” amounts of intake. As the relationships between micronutrients, health and disease are very complex, it is equally difficult to find evidence from scientific studies about benefits conferred by single micronutrients, for example to reduce the risk of developing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, which depend on several factors (see also Principles – The complexity of micronutrient research). 

Due to the complexity of the subject matter, the results of many scientific studies are ambiguous and need careful interpretation. The outcome is a discussion that is often characterized by personal opinions rather than objective evidence. The sometimes contradictory scientific publications on the effects or lack of effect of micronutrients in foodstuffs and in supplements, which are usually used in the studies, polarized reporting in the media, dubious promises by some vendors and the ensuing false expectations mean that consumers are confused and no longer know what to believe.

NUTRI-FACTS aims to offer transparency and orientation through this labyrinth of information. The informa-tion provided on NUTRI-FACTS is designed to support, not to replace, recommendations of healthcare pro-fessionals for site visitors/patients.


NUTRI-FACTS provides up-to-date, science-based information on the health impacts, requirements and safety of micronutrients. Its objective is to make this information accessible to the broader public.


NUTRI-FACTS translates latest research into quickly accessible and understandable information, helping you to find your way around the fascinating and complex world of micronutrients.

NUTRI-FACTS is an initiative of DSM Nutritional Products, which is dedicated to providing you with non-commercial, balanced scientific information in several languages. The initiative is supported by an external Scientific Advisory Board of international nutrition experts.