Héctor Cori

International Micronutrient Advisor

Héctor Cori holds a degree in Food Engineering (Science and Technology) from the University of Chile and is an international expert in micronutrient intervention projects, vitamin applications, formulations, stability and costing. He has 32 years of experience working for DSM Nutritional Products and is currently the manager for Nutrition Science and Advocacy in Latin America.

He has served as a micronutrient advisor for WHO, PAHO, GAIN, SUSTAIN, and many other organizations, promoting and assisting fortification programs in developing countries.

He has produced internal and external use manuals on supplements, flour fortification, iron fortification of foods, vitamin-mineral premixes and on quality as a determinant for program effectiveness.

He assists the regulatory work of DSM and provides scientific rationale on regulatory issues related to fortification, micronutrient safety, Nutrient Reference Values and other public health nutrition related issues.

He teaches about vitamins and food technology at two universities, provides technical training to company affiliates and liaises with international agencies, academia and government bodies providing scientific and technical support for the design and implementation of food fortification programs.  He serves at local Codex Alimentarius working groups and is a member of the scientific board for IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplements Associations).