Our Experts

Peiman Milani

Global Lead for Public-Private Partnerships at Sight and Life

As the global lead for public-private partnerships at Sight and Life, Peiman focuses on developing cross-sector collaborations that can scalably and sustainably improve nutrition outcomes for the most vulnerable and contribute to the achievement of related Global Goals. He currently leads Sight and Life’s Rwanda program, which focuses on improving nutrition through a food system and diet-based approach. Prior to joining Sight and Life, Peiman was the director of Nutrition Innovation at PATH, where he led a global team dedicated to addressing nutrition challenges across an array of disciplines including technology development and transfer, nutrition clinical and implementation research, commercialization, and communications and advocacy. Through his leadership, fortified rice became PATH’s first consumer product to break the 3-million consumer mark and was introduced in Myanmar. His work has resulted in publications in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Maternal & Child Nutrition, and Frontiers in Microbiology. Peiman holds an MBA from Duke University and an MS from Arizona State University and is a Fulbright scholar.