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High salt intake may have an impact on cognitive decline

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05 September 2011

A diet high in observational study, the sodium consumption, physical activity levels and cognitive performance of 1,262 healthy older men and women were analyzed over the course of three years (1). The study results showed that a diet high in sodium, when combined with little exercise, was linked with the cognitive decline of the participants. Individuals with low activity levels and low sodium intake were linked to cognitive maintenance over the course of three years.

The researchers concluded that a reduction of sodium intake, especially in older adults with low physical activity, may improve brain health later in life. On the other hand, older adults who lead sedentary lifestyles and consume a lot of sodium in their diet may be putting themselves at risk for more than just heart disease.


  1. Fiocco A. J. et al. Sodium intake and physical activity impact cognitive maintenance in older adults: the NuAge Study. Neurobiology of Aging. Online publication August 2011.

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