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Lutein, zeaxanthin, and blackcurrant extract may reduce visual fatigue

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07 August 2009

A supplement containing lutein, zeaxanthin and blackcurrant extract may reverse signs of visual fatigue, according to a study from Japan.

In a small randomized controlled trial, individuals received either the lutein supplement, or placebo, for two weeks, followed by two weeks of wash-out, and a further two weeks with the opposite intervention (1). After completing a two-hour visual proof reading task, the researchers measured signs of visual fatigue.

The study results suggest that the supplement may have beneficial effects on visual functioning that can serve to counteract or prevent fatigue. Visual fatigue is caused by many factors, not least staring at computer monitors for long hours.

These results support earlier findings showing that supplements of lutein, long-reported to have benefits for eye-health, may also protect against the detrimental effects of long-term computer display light exposure (2).


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  2. Ma L. et al. A 12-week lutein supplementation improves visual function in Chinese people with long-term computer display light exposure. British journal of Nutrition, 2009; 102, 186–190.

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