These downloadable tools can help you educate your patients about the importance of omega-3 EPA + DHA and make recommendations to support their heart health.

Learn how best to recommend omega-3 EPA + DHA to your patients using this guide. It outlines which patients in particular can benefit from raising omega-3 levels to help protect against cardiovascular disease.

Arm your patients with the information they need to raise their omega-3 levels. The tool serves as a guide for your patients and includes information on the benefits and sources of omega-3 EPA + DHA.

NOTE: The studies and findings presented are those of the authors and were not conducted on behalf of the Know Your Ω™ initiative or DSM Nutritional Products. In no way do the authors or their body of work endorse any products or the Know Your Ω™ initiative. All materials are for informational purposes only. Any recommendations made therein are not intended to act as medical advice and should not be regarded as such.


Research shows that inadequate blood levels of omega-3 EPA + DHA are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events.2

About: Know Your Ω™

By 2030, it’s estimated that nearly 44% of U.S. adults will have some form of cardiovascular disease – a leading cause of death among both men and women.3

Omega-3 EPA + DHA can help reduce the overall risk of cardiovascular disease and protect against heart health risks.5 Know Your Ω™, an educational campaign by DSM Nutritional Products, recognizes the vital role that healthcare practitioners play in addressing the vast inadequacy of omega-3 intake among the U.S. population. Know Your Ω™ is a resource that supports omega-3 recommendations to help protect your patients from cardiovascular disease and other health risks.

Know Your Ω™ is a trademark of DSM.


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