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Increased vitamin D levels could help to prevent asthma attacks

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12 November 2014

According to a new study from Israel asthmatics who are vitamin D-deficient seem to be at a higher risk of an asthma attack.

The observational study analyzed data on blood vitamin D levels and physician diagnoses of asthma attacks of about 21,000 young adult asthma patients (1). The analysis showed that patients with vitamin D deficiency were 25% more likely than other asthmatics to have had at least one acute asthmatic episode in the recent past.

The researchers commented that vitamin D has significant immune system modulating effects and is believed to have an effect on asthma, as an immunologically mediated disease. So far, most of the existing data regarding vitamin D and asthma came from the pediatric population and was inconsistent. The new findings add more evidence to the link between vitamin D and asthma, suggesting beneficial effects of the vitamin on asthma exacerbations. Increasing vitamin D levels is something which can be easily done to improve patients’ quality of life, the scientists said. For patients with a vitamin D deficiency, supplements may make sense. Asthma, which inflames and narrows the airways, has become more common in recent years. While there is no known cure, asthma can be managed with medication and by avoiding allergens and other triggers.


  1. Confino-Cohen R. et al. Vitamin D, asthma prevalence and asthma exacerbations: a large adult population-based study. Allergy. Published online October 2014.

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