Supply situation

The average daily intake of CoQ10 from food is estimated to be around 10 mg in European countries (57, 58).

Based on food frequency studies, the average dietary intake of coenzyme Q10 in Denmark was estimated to be 4–21 mg/day (57, 59).

The average CoQ10 intake of the Swedish population was between 2 and 20 mg/day (60). A review of the coenzyme Q10 content in various foods concluded that the average coenzyme Q10 intake if 3 to 6 mg/day (65). The estimated daily need of about 500 mg/day comes from endogenous synthesis in the liver and deficiency symptoms may be observed in case of its disturbance (65).

Authored by Dr Peter Engel in 2010, reviewed and revised by Dr. D. Raederstorff on 12.04.2017