Calcium Intake Recommendations

In 1993, the European Scientific Committee for Food set population reference intakes (PRI) for calcium in milligrams (mg) per day (39):

 Age   Males: mg/dayFemales: mg/day
 6–12 months400400
 1–3 years400400
 4–6 years450450
 7–10 years550550
 11–14 years1,000800
 15–17 years1,000800
 18 years and older700700

In 2010, the U.S. Institute of Medicine established a recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for calcium (56):

 Life Stage  Age Males: (mg/day)Females: (mg/day)
 Infants0–6 months200200
 Infants 6–12 months260260
 Children  1–3 years700700
 Children 4–8 years1,0001,000
 Children9–13 years1,3001,300
 Adolescents14–18 years1,3001,300
 Adults19 - 51 years1,0001,000
 Adults51 - 70 years1,0001,200
 Adults71 years and older1,2001,200
 Pregnant and 
 lactating women
14 - 18 years-1,300
 Pregnant and 
 lactating women
19 - 50 years-1,000

For a detailed overview of recommended daily intakes (PRIs/RDAs) of vitamins and minerals for adults derived from different countries and organizations see PDF.


Authored by Dr Peter Engel in 2010, reviewed and updated by Dr Igor Bendik-Falconnier on 12.10.17