Supply situation

Surveys in some European countries have provided estimated mean dietary intakes for vitamin K: in the United Kingdom, an average intake of 68 micrograms (mcg) per person per day was established (28), while in The Netherlands mean daily per capita intake was estimated to be up to 250 micrograms (mcg)(29).

Data from studies of vitamin K (phylloquinone) intake in the United States indicate that the mean intake of younger adults (under 45 years) ranges from 60–110 micrograms (mcg) of phylloquinone per day. In contrast, older adults (over 55 years) consume 80– 210 micrograms (mcg) of phylloquinone per day, which is attributed to their greater vegetable consumption compared to younger age groups (30).

Authored by Dr Peter Engel in 2010, reviewed and updated by Dr Szabolcs Peter on 18.06.2017