Vitamin B7 // Biotin

Supply Situation

National nutrition surveys for some European countries have shown estimated mean dietary biotin intakes for adults of 36 micrograms (mcg)/day (26). In adult men and women below 65 years, mean/median intakes ranged from 26 to 50 mcg/day, while mean/median intakes between 24 and 43 mcg/day were reported for older adult men and women.

In the U.K., the proportion of those not meeting current U.K. national recommendations for B vitamins does not generally exceed 10% (27). More recent recommendations have proposed an intake of 50 mcg/day for biotin, which is currently not met by 74% of men and 90% of women in the U.K., although biotin intake recommendations remain vague.

In Ireland, the mean intake for most B vitamins is generally higher than recommended intake, although for vitamin B7 and vitamin B5, a significant proportion of men and women would not meet recent recommendations for these vitamins (28).

Large national nutrition surveys in the U.S. were unable to estimate biotin intake due to a lack of data regarding biotin content of food.

Smaller studies estimate average daily intakes of biotin to be between 40 to 60 mcg/day in adults (1).

Authored by Dr Peter Engel in 2010, reviewed and revised by Ines Warnke on 28.06.2017

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